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Website Terms and Conditions

1. Website owner and administrator:

1. DCENTRIC HEALTH LTD, a Company incorporated under the laws of Cyprus with reg. no. ΗΕ 391425 and with a registered office at 7 Agiou Mina, Limassol 4104 henceforth referred to for the purposes of brevity as “DCENTRIC”.

2. Website Use:

1. By continuing to use this website ( you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions.

3. Website Purpose

1. The present website seeks only to promote the business activities of DCENTRIC.

4. Terms

1. These terms and conditions shall supersede any previous terms or conditions included with any printed reports, whether such terms or conditions are signed by a DCENTRIC representative.

5. Amendments

1. DCENTRIC reserves the right to make changes to this Website and these terms and conditions, at any time without any prior notice.

6. Liability

1. DCENTRIC, as a legal entity, and its employees or external associates assume no responsibility for consequences resulting from the use of the information herein, , or from the use of the information obtained to linked addresses (hyperlinks), or in any respect for the content within this Website.
2. DCENTRIC expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained in this Website.

7. Hyperlinks and Social Media

1. This Website may include links providing direct access (hyperlinks) to other Websites and/or Social Media pages and accounts:
2. DCENTRIC has not in any way participated in the development of those other sites and does not exert any other means of control over those sites unless otherwise stated.
3. DCENTRIC is not responsible for the content contained in these Websites.
4. Links to and from the Website do not constitute any kind of endorsement by DCENTRIC for the interested parties, or their products and services or vice versa.

8. Personal Data included in the website:

1. Personal data (including photographs) of employees, associates and/or partners that is included in the website may not be copied or used elsewhere without the explicit approval of the respective natural persons.

9. Intellectual Property:

1. The text, images (excluding trademarks or distinctive marks), and videos displayed on this Website are the property of DCENTRIC or a third party from which DCENTRIC has received permission to use. Commercial use is prohibited unless you previously obtain DCENTRIC’s written permission.
2. Any unauthorized use of these texts, images, and videos may lead to DCENTRIC seeking damages and/or penal measures to be enforced.

10. Trademarks:

1. Trademarks or distinctive marks included in this website that are referring to third parties does not imply that their respective holders and/or users promote, approve or suggest DCENTRIC.
2. DCENTRIC is not an affiliate, subsidiary, subordinate agency or connected entity nor in any way a representative of the legal entities who own the trademarks hosted on the website.
3. DCENTRIC is not a subordinate agency or affiliate nor in any way a representative of the Government of Cyprus.
4. No trademark or distinctive mark displayed on the Website can be used without the written permission of its owner or user.