Aria App Terms & Conditions

  1. Date of Entry into Force of the present terms.

    1. February 6th 2020.
  2. Application Provider

    1. DCENTRIC HEALTH LTD a company formed under the laws of Cyprus with registration Number (ΗΕ 391425) and registered office at 7 Agiou Mina Str.  PANORAMA RESIDENCE BLOCK B, Flat 101 Limassol P.C 4104 (henceforth for the purposes of brevity shall be called “Provider”).
  3. Scope of the present terms and conditions

    1. The present Terms and Conditions apply to the mobile application titled “ARIA” owned and operated by the Provider (references to the mobile application shall be made to “ARIA”).
    2. They apply equally to the version for iOS and Android implementations.
  4. ARIA

    1. ARIA is a mobile application that aims to facilitate health data sharing between Users, healthcare providers (doctors, medical centers etc.) and labs.
    2. ARIA is not a tool for analysis, diagnosis, and it is not an emergency health care provider.
    3. Hence should not be relied upon for medical emergencies.

    4. ARIA is not a medical device.
    5. The facilitation provided to share data between parties mentioned in point 4.1 is only intended to operate for convenience and not as a diagnostic tool and/or emergency diagnosis.
  5. Pilot State

    1. ARIA is currently in Pilot state and may not operate as expected.
  6. User Participation

    1. Users may be natural persons who are permanent residents in the E.U who are over 18 years old.
    2. Users who do not satisfy the criteria set above will not be allowed to participate.
    3. Users undertake to provide truthful information when applying to use ARIA.
  7. Liabilities and Warranties

    1. The Provider does not assume any liability for any of the information contained or data provided by third parties as they are inputted in ARIA.
    2. ARIA is provided in an “as-is” state and the Provider does not make any warranties and representations regarding its functionality or interoperability.
    3. Use of ARIA is not guaranteed and the Provider may terminate the service at any time.
    4. ARIA may not be available at all times and the Provider reserves the right to suspend access due to force majeure, maintenance and for business or other reasons.
    5. The Provider does not make any representations regarding the security of personal data processed by third parties that the user provides access to.

  8. Termination of ARIA

    1. In case of termination of ARIA for any reason the Provider shall issue a notice in adequate time.
  9. Interoperability

    1. The Provider does not make any representations regarding the interoperability of ARIA with other mobile applications or platforms or systems.
  10. Access to ARIA and to Personal Data

    1. ARIA uses a user ID, recovery phrase and passcode to gain access.
    2. Do not give your recovery phrase (key) and passcode to third parties.
    3. Due to the use of blockchain it is impossible to recover the data stored on the blockchain after a key linking the username to the blockchain data is destroyed or lost.
    4. Using the Provider’s implementation to store the recovery phrase does not imply that the Provider shall have access to the data of the User.
  11. Health Data

    1. Health data is provided by authorized analysis service providers who are participating in the app and who have received authorization by the User to input them in ARIA. Accuracy of health data provided to ARIA is not verified by the Provider.
    2. The health data may be shared to medical professionals (doctors) by the User.
  12. Special Terms for Doctors using ARIA

    1. You are not allowed to use ARIA if you are not a licensed doctor in the Republic of Cyprus.
    2. Once you have lost your right to legally practice medicine in Cyprus you undertake to notify the Provider.
    3. For any data you receive via ARIA you are solely responsible for their processing.
    4. You undertake not to make emergency medical decisions based on data stored on ARIA.
  13. Intellectual Property

    1. The software of ARIA, text, images (excluding trademarks or distinctive marks), and videos displayed on this Website are the property of the Provider or of a third party from which the Provider has received permission to use.
    2. The User is receiving only the right to use ARIA and is not allowed, to reverse engineer, modify, adapt, translate, debug, sublicense, resell, market or provide access from another store or location that the Provider has not provided access from.
    3. Commercial use or any other use is prohibited unless a written permission is provided by the Provider.
    4. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the software, texts, images, and videos may lead to the Provider seeking damages and/or penal measures to be enforced.
  14. Trademarks and Distinctive Marks

    1. Trademarks or distinctive marks included in this website that are referring to third parties does not imply that their respective holders and/or users promote, approve or suggest the Provider or the use of ARIA.
    2. The Provider is not an affiliate, subsidiary, subordinate agency or connected entity nor in any way a representative of any private corporation or organisation.
    3. Provider is not a subordinate agency or affiliate nor in any way a representative of any government organisation.
    4. Apart from the registered trademark of the Provider all other trademarks and logos mentioned or hosted in ARIA may be registered trademarks of third parties.
    5. No trademark or distinctive mark displayed on ARIA can be used without the written permission of its owner or user.
  15. Amendments to the present Terms

    1. These terms may be updated from time to time.
    2. Users will be notified via email for the amendment.
    3. Continued use of ARIA after the amendment of the terms shall signify the acceptance of the amended terms.
  16. Data and Privacy Policy

    1. For information regarding the use and handling of personal data the Data Privacy Policy of ARIA shall also apply.
  17. Applicable Law

    1. The laws of the Republic of Cyprus.
  18. Jurisdiction

    1. The courts of Limassol, Cyprus.
  19. Language

    1. ARIA is only provided in the English language.
    2. The present terms and conditions and ARIA are only in the English language.
    3. Communications between the Provider and Users may only be made in English.
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