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About us

Learn more about the multidisciplinary team at Aria and the story behind our mission to unlock the value of health data for all.

Our Story

In November 2017, Fady's wife was rushed to the hospital in agonizing pain. She had undiagnosed internal bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy. The medical staff were unsure what was causing her pain so the first information they required were her medical records to find out if she had allergies to medicines, any chronic conditions, recent surgeries or any other factors which may effect her treatment.

After four life-threatening hours she was rushed into the operating room. By this time, she had lost over 3 liters of blood and had a blood pressure of 50/35.

While all this was going on, I was preparing to go back to work after maternity leave and deciding what my final Masters in Blockchain project will be.

When Fady and I talked about the situation with his wife, we couldn't believe the absurd notion that we have access to so much information at the touch of a button, but not to - our most vital information, our medical records.

Suddenly, it all made sense.

We recognized that this world is in dire need of a platform that empowers patients to have instant access to understandable, engaging and complete medical records. We understood that this platform can only truly be powered through a global ecosystem that connects all stakeholders in the healthcare industry and that blockchain technology was the revolutionary innovation that can make that happen. Of course I was glad that I found the topic for my final thesis, but that paled in comparison to what both Fady and I realised we needed to do.

Our values

Unlocking the value of health data through collaboration, freedom & empowerment


We embrace the spirit of genuine collaboration, providing a safe space for patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers to ethically access a single source of a patient's verified and consented medical information.


We free health data from its artificial boundaries, freeing patients from their current lack of control over their records, and researchers from their current barriers accessing reliable, diverse and continuous real-world health data.


We empower citizens to be in control of their health, healthcare providers to deliver value-based healthcare, and researchers to access diverse health data; advancing medical science, empowering patients and creating social impact.

Our management team

Our team

Aria Health is managed by experts from the healthcare, finance, and computer science industries, and further supported by our multidisciplinary tech team boasting a broad expertise in the fields of data science, and Web3 technologies.

Georgina Kyriakoudes

Founder & CEO

MSc Blockchain; PwC London, healthcare specialist

Fady Karam

Co-Founder & COO

Executive leading teams of over 400 people

Evie Maifoshie MBA PhD

Director, Clinical Partnerships

MRes Biomedical Research; PhD Clinical Cardiovascular Research

Tirtadwipa Manunggal

Technical Product Manager

Sr. software engineer at largest digital health platform in Asia

Our advisers

Andy Liu

Former president of IQVia Asia Pacific

George Kyriakoudes

Led online trading start-up to a €200M revenue business