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My Aria

Manage your health, contribute to research & earn rewards

Aria Health empowers you to drive health forward while earning rewards for your valuable contributions.

Using blockchain technology, with Aria Health you can pioneer a new age in health management where you are in control. Drive research, improve your health and earn rewards for unlocking the value of health data.

Privately track and collect your health data

Manage medications seamlessly and track symptoms for enhanced communication with your healthcare provider.

Collect your vital health data from wearables to medical records, providing a comprehensive view of your well-being.

Help shape the future of healthcare

Gain full transparency over who has access to your medical records, and how they are being used.

Securely and anonymously contribute your data to researchers to help drive medical advancements.

Play an active role by opting to participate in clinical trials and other research opportunities.

Earn and redeem rewards

Receive Aria rewards as compensation for contributing to medical research and making the world better for all.

Redeem your rewards to unlock exclusive healthcare offers, support crucial research initiatives, donate to charity, or simply withdraw to your bank account.

Enterprise grade security

Aria provides privacy, transparency and ease

Your personal, private and secure health data vault

Your medical data in a private vault, exclusively yours. Aria stays out, ensuring ultimate security, privacy, and empowerment.

Clarity and fairness by design

Aria allows you to see how your data is being used by medical professionals and researchers, putting you in control.

Access your medical records in under 5 minutes

Launch the My Aria app to gain access to your detailed medical history, and start getting rewarded.

Thousands of patients are already thriving with My Aria

Wow. This is truly a potentially life-saving service. I can scroll back through my test results since 2012, and its easy to see if it's good or bad (red, green..). I noticed for some values it's also possible to click and see a graph from 2012-2023. Brilliant!!! 

Milica N.
Patient app user

Best Medical Records app I have tried, looking forward to further features or types of results and providers being added. 

Nikola G
Patient app user

The Aria app has brought some peace of mind to trying to understand my aging parents' health. We will regularly sit around the table and compare historical data with more recent results which is now so unbelievably easy!

Dragana N. K.
Patient app user

Very smooth and intuitive, needless to say very very very helpful! You don't need to be a doctor to understand the values in your results, everything is color coded and made into graphs

Marios S
Patient app user

Before using this app, I was always anxious about receiving test results as it's hard to understand what is needed. Since using this app, I feel better able to understand the many elements of common blood tests, from simply playing around and reading past results. I also feel much safer that my information is saved on a blockchain instead of somewhere easily be accessible y unwanted persons.

Anna R
Patient app user

It’s quick and simple to get started

Step 1

Download My Aria

Download our app and follow the step-by-step instructions to create your personal account.

Step 2

Request your records from your medical centre or hospital

Ask your medical centre to transfer ownership of your records over to you and allow you to access them through My Aria.

Step 3

Upon approval gain full access to your medical records

Once your medical centre has approved your request, you will receive your medical records via My Aria, where you can view them in an easy to understand format, and decide who can access them.

Step 4

Opt-in to the Aria Marketplace and receive financial reward for contributing to research

When you choose to anonymously contribute your records to the Aria Marketplace, you allow healthcare organisations to access them for medical research, and are rewarded for your contributions.

Frequently asked questions

How secure is my medical data on My Aria?

Your medical data is secured in a unique private vault, accessible solely by you. Even Aria doesn't have access to this vault. We use state-of-the-art encryption and privacy protocols to ensure this unparalleled level of security.

Who decides who sees my data and how do I keep track?

You are the sole decision-maker. Just like using a GPS to navigate a journey, with My Aria, you decide the destinations your data travels to. You can grant or withdraw access to your medical records at any point. And whenever someone accesses your data, you'll know exactly who it is and their reasons for it. Our goal? Total transparency and unwavering control for you.

How do I benefit from sharing my data?

When you share your data or participate in medical advancements through Aria, you earn rewards. You can redeem these for exclusive healthcare offers, support research, donate to charities, or even convert them to cash.

How long does it take to set up and use My Aria?

Getting started is a breeze! Within just 5 minutes of launching the My Aria app, you can access your detailed medical history and begin earning rewards.

Can I delete my data from My Aria?

Yes, you have complete control over your data. If you choose to remove your data from My Aria, you can do so at any point.

Does it cost anything to use My Aria?

No, the My Aria app is free to download and use.

Get started with Aria

Download My Aria and claim your records now!