Together we can unlock the value of health data for everyone

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Our open platform brings connectivity and transparency to the use of health data.

Aria is creating a collaborative ecosystem where health data can be freely and transparently shared to support better healthcare delivery and expedite superior medical innovations. We democratise the availability of data and the fair distribution of financial rewards.


Direct access to citizen consented real world health data

A peer-to-peer ecosystem connecting citizens, healthcare providers and organisations to open up health data exchange. By putting the citizen back in the centre, unprecedented transparency, efficiency and fairness is brought to the system.


Financial benefits shared between citizens, care providers and key stakeholders

Payment for data is automatically and equitably distributed to the patient, healthcare provider and other parties who have contributed to making data available.


Your part in the Future of Health

Healthcare Provider

Integrate your data source

Connect data while maintaining control and privacy compliance. Through integrations with your information systems, citizen consented data is made available to a active ecosystem with financial rewards for your organisation and your patients.


Request and Share your records

Collect and share your lifetime medical information, in your own private storage. Control and track how your data is used earning from its access and contributing to new medical innovations.

Life Scientist or Payer

Access Data Sets

Securely and immediately access large pools of citizen consented health data, expediting the development of your medical innovations

We are Pioneering Decentralized Health. Here’s how.

The Aria protocol uses a suite of web3 technologies to provide citizen-led access to health data, opening access and creating a system which benefits all

Data Source


Normalisation Algorithms

Web 3 Ecocosystem


Zero knowledge Execution Machine

Distributed Data Storage

Citizen-led Data sharing

Ontology ai machine

Data marketplace

Smart contract + data tokens

News and Insights

April 5th, 2022

Cyprus Hospitals Adopt Award-Winning Blockchain Medical Record App

Cyprus Hospitals Adopt Award-Winning Blockchain Medical Record App YGIA Polyclinic is the latest hospital to adopt the award-winning Aria blockchain app to offer their patients unprecedented access and management o

September 8th, 2020

COVID-19, Data Protection and The Role of Emerging Technologies – An Interview with Dr. Behrooz Behbod

COVID-19, Data Protection and The Role of Emerging Technologies – An Interview with Dr. Behrooz Behbod Big data has been a buzz term for several years now and rightly so…

April 7th, 2020

Keeping Your Records Secure – Encrypting Your Medical Records

We use the most innovative technology out there, blockchain, to make sure your sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands. So how does this work? First, you need to know about Public Keys and Private Keys!

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